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Sendang Gila waterfall (Sendang Gile), which attracts many thousands of Indonesian and foreign visitors annually, is Mount Rinjani national park’s best known attraction. Located at about 600m above sea level, the waterfall is an easy 20 minute walk down a graded trail and steps from Senaru Village, which is the main access to Mt. Rinjani National Park. A pleasant alternative return route winds along the edge of the steep valley, following the irrigation canal. For the more adventurous, the “second waterfall” Tiu Kelep, is another hour’s walk upriver from Sendang Gila. The scramble over rocks through the tropical forest is rewarded by the beauty of the waterfall and a swim in its deep pool. It is said locally that every time you swim behind the main waterfall of Tiu Kelep you become a year younger! With access from the main road, the “third waterfall” Betara Lenjang is a true rainforest adventure strictly for rock climbers with local guide and equipment.

Sendang Gile waterfall located at Nort of Lombok. It take about 2 hours from Mataram. Sendang Gila waterfall is a waterfall on the northern slope of Rinjani, near the village of Senaru , beautiful and stunning with the natural surrounding. The local believe the water from the waterfall has curative qualities. While it may be unclear just what kind of illness this water, can cure, the site, which sits hundreds meters above sea level offer more than just recreation The air is clean and cool, and far from the hustle and bustle and pollution. This trip will give you the chance to stop at places such as Lendang Bajur local market, Pusuk Monkey forest, Malimbu hill for photo taking. Lunch is served in box lunch or at local restaurant.

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