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Benang Stokel in the village of Aik Berik in Central Lombok is about 27km east of Mataram, a little less than an hour’s drive. Locally Benang Stokel is well-known for its 2 waterfalls, the Benang Kelambu waterfall and the likewise named Benang Stokel waterfall from which the trekking up to Rinjani starts.

The waterfall and starting point for this track can be reached in about 30 minutes by jeep. Trekking through dense forest, the ascent up to the crater rim takes around 6 hours. From here, the descent to the crater lake is about 3 hours. This track offers lots of variety, with the famed Tiara Dewi Anjani waterfall as one of its highlights, and with some luck one might encounter a herd of deer.

On this waterfall we can go to Benang Kelambu Water Fall it’s about 2 km tracking to the west in About 1 hours tracking to it.

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