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The south of Lombok hides some of the most awesome and isolated beaches this part of Indonesia. One of them is located not far from Kuta, the main town. The best way to get there is by motorbike. Either you rent one or you arrange with one of the locals to go there. You take the road that goes to the west from Kuta, along the coast. At some point it gets quite hilly as you have to pass a small mountain. The road is not in very good condition, so drive slowly. After 20 min driving you will see a small sign on the road that reads ‘Beautiful Beach’. Just turn left and you will get there in 5 minutes. There is a small parking fee at the entrance (3000 Rp) and a beautiful big tree. Nothing else, no bungalows, no bars. The beach is plainly awesome, a secluded bay with bright blue waters and pristine sand. Not many people hanging around apart from a few locals and the occasional visitors.

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