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It takes about 40 minute-drive from Kuta direction to Selong Belanak (asphalt road). Nice beachfront with white sandy beach and magnificent view to the bay from the hill with easy to build land. Mawi beach is about 5 kilo meters to reach by dirt track access before Selong belanak, reachable by cars and motor bikes from the asphalt road, about 24 kilo meters to the newly built airport, about 60 km to Mataram Airport. No electricity no Government-supplied Water, a self drilling well is possible for fresh water, Mawi beach is well-known for being one of the greatest surf spots in South Lombok

If Gerupuk is too small, Mawi is really good size such as a Head High. Requires at least 2-3 feet to work There are 2 breaks Рa long slow left and a very fast hollow right-hander. Both can be easily affected by wind and is best surfed at Mid-tide…Transport: Around 30 minutes from Kuta Beach…

Mawi is one of all point in Lombok that really like by surfers, beautiful nature covered the surfer around the point make special sense for all. At Mawi you can enjoy the reef break, left hander, mid to high tide, there is also a right hander when swell is small. Not for beginner.

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