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Senggigi Beach Lombok can be broadly divided into three parts: northern Mangsit Beach, central Senggigi and the southern stretch near Batu Bolong, with headlands separating the three. Mangsit has quiet resorts and very little other development, while nightlife and other restaurants are concentrated in Senggigi and the Batu Bolong area.

Senggigi, the oldest resort area of Lombok that lies to the north of Mataram can be split up into three parts, which are the Mangsit Beach (situated on the northern side of the Senggigi), the northern Senggigi and the southern stretch near Batu Balong. The Mangsit Beach is just a few minutes walk from the north Senggigi. This place is regarded to be the ideal place for elite travelers. As far as accommodation is concerned you can either settle for the beach cottages or the holiday resorts. If you wish you can also opt for the Quinci Villas or the boutique resorts. The resorts, cottages and the villas provides you with all the required facilities and also provides you with the perfect ambience required to make your stay at this beach gratifying.

After a short tour of the Mangsit Beach, you can make a trip to Senggigi, one of the most popular tourist destination of Lombok At this place you can witness the sandy white beaches, the dramatic sunsets, the lifestyle of the fisherman and can acquire a first hand knowledge about the different forms of water sports. The coastline is dotted with bays that feature blue lagoons, coves and cliffs. Regarding accommodation at Senggigi can opt for the boutique resorts or the luxury hotels. A visit to this place is bound to enliven your stay at the Mangsit Beach.

Mangsit Beach,10 minutes of North Senggigi, located just a few minutes to the north of Senggigi, Mangsit Beach caters to the upmarket traveller.

These carefully designed boutique villas are located on stunning Mangsit Beach just north of Senggigi on the island of Lombok, 22 miles east of Bali. Lombok’s charm truly lies in its century-old, tranquil coastal areas with virgin white beaches and green mountains. The Villa complex is comprised of 20 units on a beautifully landscaped beachfront property peppered with swaying palms and lush tropical plants.

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