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Awang mean limit (batas in indonesian language). Awang Beach located about 1 hours to the east from kuta beach. From intersection if go right we will go to Kuta Beach. If we want to Awang we must turn left. At Awang beach we can see white rock clift at far away across the see. From Awang Beach we can see Ekas Beach clearly. And to the south we can see Surga Beach. From the hill before Awang Beach we can see great view. Awang Beach is great place to take a nap a while, at the sam time we can see great white rock cliff far across the bay.

The good news is we can found friendly people and great white rock view. The bad news is still the road. Road is the main problem if we want to see great beach. It’s also if we want to go to Ekas Beach or Surga Beach. Great place with minim facility. But it’s defeated by great view and great expectation in Awang Beach. If you lucky, you can buy fish. Yeah fresh fish with low price. And grill the fish at the beach.

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