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[11 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]
Beautiful Paradise on South East Lombok

Lombok Island has several beautiful beach. Most of the beach is untouchable. Still a virgin beach. God spot for surfing. The beach located at South East Lombok great viewpoint. This group of beach located nearly. And about 2 hours from Praya the capital city of Central Lombok (Lombok Tengah). The beach are: Surga Beach, Bertok Beach and Sugud beach. Traveling Lombok Beach and go to this beach.
1. Surga Beach Lombok

Surga Beach Lombok is the beach side that named Heaven on the Planet. The hotel is located above the cliff, …

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[9 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]
Weird Monkey at Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta Beach Lombok one of the most beautifull beach at Lombok. We think Kuta Beach is one of world beautifull beach. One of the weird things we can see at Kuta Beach Lombok is the monkey at the beach.

Sometime if we got lucky we can see a group of monkey down to the beach from the hill. Just a small hill. And if you locked bring a food like peanut or snack, they will down to the beach. Just sit at the beach while looking the beach, drinking fresh coconut. …

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[15 Sep 2009 | 14 Comments | ]
Trip to Ekas Beach Lombok

Ekas Beach Lombok located at South East Lombok. Its about 2 hours from Selong the capital city of Lombok Timur (East Lombok). At Ekas Beach Lombok we can find traditional and unique boat which fisherman used to find and catch some fish.White sand beach, cleany water, great place to take some rest and refreshing our mind.

Something good news is, Ekas is far from city. So we can’t hear any noise that distrube our ear. Some bad news is no electricity. Yeah this beach located 2 hours from Kuta. So …

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[4 Sep 2009 | 15 Comments | ]
Trip To Senggigi Mangsit Pusuk

Now we going to trip to Senggigi Beach, Mangsit Beach, Pusuk Pass. Senggigi is the main and bigest tourist object in Lombok. Senggigi located north of Selaparang Airport. It take about 1 hours if we going with public transport. We recomended you when trip to Senggigi Beach, Mangsit Beach and Pusuk Pass rent a motor bike. The price for renting motor bike is around Rp 50,ooo to Rp 100,000. If you are lucky you can get cheap price to rent this bike.

First place we go to Sengigi Beach Lombok. At …

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[30 Aug 2009 | 27 Comments | ]
Take A Trip To Surga Beach Lombok

Have you go to Lombok? I think someone who has come to Lombok Island know about Senggigi, Kuta and The Three Gili’s. The Three Gili are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. That’s the most famous and dramatically thousand of tourist come to that place. But Do you know about Pantai Surga?

White sandy beach, surf spot, 40 km to International Airport, suitable for resort, villas, hotel and surfing, the beach front 370 meter.

Pantai Surga mean heaven beach (Surga Beach). Pantai mean Beach, Surga is heaven. Surga Beach located …